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Cheese and Clam Fondue recipe

You will be delightfully surprised at the flavor clams bring to a classic cheese fondue—it’s ultra-savory and ultra-dippable.


8 ounces American cheese, cubed
4 ounces Swiss cheese, cubed
1 (6 ½-ounce) can minced clams
3 tablespoons finely chopped green bell pepper
2 tablespoons chopped pimento
½ teaspoon onion salt
½ teaspoon lemon juice
Tabasco sauce, to taste
Garlic powder, to taste
Pepper, to taste
French bread, cubed, for serving


1) Place cheese cubes in a quart-sized glass serving dish.

2) Drain clams, reserving ¼ cup liquid. Add liquid to dish of cheese. Microwave on HIGH 2 minutes, until just melted, stirring once.

3) Add remaining ingredients; stir. Microwave on HIGH 2 minutes 30 seconds, until hot. Transfer to Fondue pot to keep warm.

4) Serve with cubes of French bread.

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8 ozabout 227g (226.796 grams based on 28.3495 grams in an ounce)
4 ozabout 113g (113.398 grams based on 28.3495 grams in an ounce)


Published: October 7, 2008
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