Fondue Recipes

Fondue Recipes

The fondue is a traditional Swiss dish meant to be shared around a table. Melted ingredients, usually a thick mixture of cheeses, milks, and spices, are kept warm in a clay pot over a burner, and complimentary foods are skewered and dipped into the pot. Typical fondue recipes include sharp cheeses, such as cheddar, or pungent cheeses, such as Swiss. Additional liquids in the formulas may include alcohols like wine, brandy, or sherry, which balance out the cheese flavors, and may also include creams and milks, which give depth and thickness. To read more about fondue click here or to view a fondue recipe click a link from the list below:

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About Fondue

Fondues may include savory foods like ham and garlic, but they may also include sweet foods like chocolate and fruits. Use them as an appetizer, dessert, or even as the star of the meal. Experiment with flavors you usually enjoy in a stew or casserole, but incorporate them into the Fondue style. Bring long forks and skewers for the tasty ride, and enjoy dipping your favorite foods in your new favorite dip.

Fondue Facts:

  • Cheese fondue was invented out of necessity. In the remote and isolated mountain villages in the Swiss Alps people had to rely upon locally made food.
  • Over 100 varieties of cheese fondue exist, each with a unique name and different blend of cheeses, wine and seasoning.
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